What is Counselling

What is Counselling?

Therapy is a collaborative process,  it’s what you take out of the room and into the outside world that makes a difference. 

Counselling is a talking therapy where you can explore your issues and problems in a safe, confidential and neutral space. Often people choose to have counselling when they are experiencing difficulties in their lives, make sense of feelings or behaviour which is having an impact on everyday life, relationships, or wellbeing.

I can help you to  focus on your emotions and gain a better understanding of how your emotions impact on your everyday life leading to anxiety, depression and many of the associated feelings which lead to altered behaviour and interactions with others. I can  provide a different perspective on these issues. Talking therapy can reduce anxiety and help to confront difficult feelings making them easier to understand and manage.

The psychodynamic approach is designed to support you to be more fully yourself and to reflect upon your experiences so that you can understand yourself better. It is through this process of being, and of self-reflection that we can feel enabled to make changes to alleviate our distress and to open up our potential to live more creative, loving and fulfilled lives.

Counselling is a personal experience, each person is different. I do not offer advice, but work with you in such a way as to bring about change and progress.

These are some of the issues which through counselling I have been able to help:

Self Confidence & Self Esteem 
Relationship issues - Separation & Divorce, Family Relationships
Eating disorders - Bulimia and Anorexia
Men's issues 
Addictive Behaviours - Gambling, Internet