Psychodynamic Therapy

Human beings are relational animals, we are drawn to be with others; our relationships have a profound effect upon us, they influence the way we feel about ourselves and the world in which we live.

This is particularly true of our most intimate relationships. It is in such relationships that we are at our most vulnerable and it is at such times of vulnerability that we look to others most to help us to feel loved and at home with ourselves and our environment.

When we feel safe and well loved we develop the confidence to engage with the world in playful, creative and innovative ways.

However most of us will carry the belief that we will not manage when faced with particular circumstances in our life. Often we will find that these beliefs relate to earlier experiences where we have felt unsafe, unloved or unable to cope. Sometimes we are not aware that we carry such beliefs, nevertheless, when this does happen, we develop a more constrained, less confident approach to ourselves and our world and so confront the challenges of life with our internal resources hampered.
We may also find ourselves repeating patterns of behaviour that are unhelpful; these behaviours can be difficult for us to make sense of and to stop. Often, through therapy, we will discover that these ways of being relate to earlier experiences in our life that were distressing.

The psychodynamic approach is designed to support you to be more fully yourself and to reflect upon your experiences so that you can understand yourself better. It is through this process of being and self-reflection that we feel enabled to make changes to alleviate our distress and to open up our potential to live more creative, loving and fulfilled lives.