Find Space for Yourself

Sometimes we might feel overwhelmed by powerful feelings and emotions which can leave us stressed and anxious. These feelings may be anxiety, depression brought about by changes in your life like relationship issues, bereavement, loss of employment, retirement - which will affect how you feel about yourself and your relationships with friends and family.

Counselling can provide a personal space and a listening ear to help restore the balance to your life, or to view issues from a different perspective.

The decision to start counselling can be difficult, but it could be the route to opening up new horizons and to find a different way.

There is often unfounded apprehension about counselling, questions such as will I be asked uncomfortable questions - you are in the "driving seat" and will be fully in control of what we talk about, and how far you wish to go in each session. Everyone's experience of counselling is different, without exposing yourself to this experience, you will never know if it is appropriate to you and the problems you wish to address.