Verified Client Reviews

Michele - review after 24 sessions
June 2022

My experience of therapy with Nigel Beaumont was better than I ever expected.I couldn't have hd a better therapist. I came from a place of darkness and despair to a place of light and clarity and positivity. I couldn't have done that without him. Eternally grateful.

Daniel - review after 5 sessions

September 2021

............please know that I am doing much better in general, and I count you amongst the best therapists I've ever worked with - you've enabled me to take steps towards being the person I want to, and helped me stop worrying what other people think or will do so much; and in doing so, have changed my life considerably for the better. For this, you have my sincerest gratitude.

Counselling for Self esteem/Self confidence.

Anonymous, 47, gave a review after 24 sessions

07 January 2018

Easy to talk toHelpfulnessValue for Money

"Supportive and calming. Nigel’s approach helped me to discuss issues and find resolution."

Rating of Counselling for Anger:

Alex, 33, gave a review after 10 sessions

04 January 2018

Easy to talk toHelpfulnessValue for Money

"Nigel is definitely experienced with family issues and is very capable and bringing out key information. He provided insight about myself both for my intimate and family relationships."

Steve, after 40 sessions:
Nigel is very easy to feel comfortable around. I immediately felt that I could discuss anything and not feel judged or embarrassed. He takes the time to listen and look at all possible avenues and reasons behind problems. He is great at helping you to visualise solutions and to understand how to deal with difficult situations. Nigel creates a very calm, relaxed and safe atmosphere.