this article evocatively illustrates the effect of severe depression, not only on the individual, but on the family and friends. Seeking help may no be a cure, but it engenders hope. Whilst this might not have been a case of "men don't cry", it offers the insight into the emotional effects of psychiatric health and suicide.
"One moment everything was fine. Our whole lives had gone by in a smooth wave of success, opportunity and privilege, and then we hit this seemingly unassailable wall. People speak of resilience, of teaching your children to cope with hardship so they are better able to overcome it. But there are no training exercises for grief or loss of this magnitude. The only thing that pulled us through those first few weeks and drew us closer than our fraternal genetics would allow was the shared experience of now having a Dad-sized hole in our lives. It’s strange how you bond over not having a father much more than you do when you had one.

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